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The very essence of College Culture‘Student Clubs’

They are a must!

  • Student Club or Dong-a-ri as it’s called in Korean means “a group of people coming together under a common goal.” The student clubs offer opportunities for expanding human relationships and self-development, both of which the students can often neglect. The four years in the university of education can be seen as both long or short. And to spend this time just going to classes and hanging with classmates in your department, there are just too many other human connections you are missing! Student clubs offer fun and relaxation to the boring everyday life, much like the sweet rain on parched grounds!
    Therefore, joining a student club is no longer a choice but requirement to enrich your college experience. It’s an opportunity to enjoy companionship with other students who are willing to share their abilities and hobbies!

Student Clubs come together in the Student Club Association!

  • The Student Club Association ensures autonomous activities of individual student clubs and at the same time brings them together into one collective force. It works towards securing common rights and interests of all student clubs. It was organized under the purpose of contributing to the development of a democratic GNUE community through independent club activities. In simpler words, as the Student Union represents the entire student body, the Student Club Association represents all student clubs in GNUE.
  • The Student Club Association holds the following independent events throughout the academic year.
    • The Student Club Association Inauguration (Haeoreum Ceremony)
      All student club members come together to celebrate and give support to the start of a new Student Club Association
    • Student Club Community Festival
      It’s a festival held every May for two days, one of the two biggest university events along with the university festival
    • Student Club Festival
      A festival held every October, the biggest Student Club Association event during the 2nd semester that brings together club members to build friendships amongst different clubs.
    • Summer&Winter Clubs LT (Leadership Training)
      Student club members gather during the summer or winter break and make plans for future developments during a 2 day training session.

Take a peek at student clubs!

  • GNUE has a total of 38 student clubs in 5 categories.
    • Literary Arts
      drama, folk songs, drawing
    • Academic Service
      night school service, Red Cross youth, English conversation, UNESCO, environment protection, math, invention, crafts
    • Sports
      basketball, tennis, soccer, volleyball, badminton, T-ball
    • Skills
      calligraphy, traditional Korean music, rock music, photography, cooking, children’s song/story, pottery
    • Religion
      Protestant church clubs, Catholic church clubs, Intercom