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The Student Union promotes autonomous ties among student members by encouraging various academic and social activities. It also seeks to establish the best academic traditions, practices and skills necessary for their future school life.

Annual Activities

  • January : central steering committee leadership training
  • February : winter mountain training, student leader training (National Association of Students of University of Education), freshmen orientation training, extended student leader training
  • March : student representatives meeting, field day, student union inauguration ceremony
  • April : National Association of Students of University of Education inauguration ceremony, student union general meeting
  • May : Children’s Day events, Teacher’s Day events, 5.18 events, spring volunteer community service
  • June : 6.15 events, final exams
  • July : summer training camp, summer forest retreat
  • August : student leader assembly (National Association of Students of University of Education), 8.15 events, march across the nation, extended student leader training, reunification training
  • September : student representatives general meeting, general student assembly, patriotic martyr memorial service
  • October : GNUE festival
  • November : patriotic martyr memorial service, student union elections