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    University Library

  • With 0.2 million books and data related to elementary education, the University Library helps not only the research activities of professors and students, but also the educational activities of elementary school teachers.
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    In-Service Teacher Education Center

  • The In-Service Teacher Education Center aims to provide elementary school teachers with exposure to current theories concerning elementary education as well as to enhance their professional skills through offering courses in the areas of elementary English education, computer education, character education and others.
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    Continuing Education Center

  • The Continuing Education Center was established in 1996 to provide parents and community members with the opportunity to continue their education. Since its establishment, the "Center" has educated nearly 3000 people, with courses designed to meet the needs of a rapidly changing society.
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    Language Education Center

  • The Language Education Center (LEC) was established in October, 2008 to develop the foreign language abilities of the University's students, as well as members of the community. The LEC has several foreign instructors who are highly accomplished teaching experts with master's degrees. With their deep understanding of Korean culture and language, the instructors provide students with a professional student-centered education. Since its establishment, the LEC has opened English Interview, Essay Writing, and Conversation classes and plans to develop levels from Beginner to Advanced which will accommodate students' various foreign language needs.
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    Center for Gifted Children

  • The Center for Gifted Children was established to educate children who are gifted in science, mathematics, or invention and information. It also tries to foster children's autonomy and build cooperative minds, as well as develop their creativity, and cultivate positive attitudes on science, mathematics, inventions and information.

    Affiliated Schools

  • The Gwangju National University of Education has two satellite elementary schools, Gwangju Elementary School and Mokpo Elementary School. The two schools provide GNUE undergraduate students with opportunities to improve their practical skills and experiment with current approaches to curriculum, teaching and learning.
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    Foundation of Industry-Academic Cooperation

  • The Foundation of Industry-Academic Cooperation was established to nurture creative and good-natured human resources capable of leading the way in realizing universal values. It aims to strengthen competitive power and contribute to community development through collaboration with external organizations and enterprises. Through the implementation of the Industry-University Cooperation Contract, it seeks to promote on-campus industry-university collaboration by providing substantial assistance in the areas of: accounting services, intellectual property acquisition and protection services, technology transfer, promotion of practical appplication of research achievement, and so on.
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    179 R.O.C.T.

  • Established in 1992, the 179 R.O.T.C. aims to provide military-officer candidates with military training and military counseling services. The 179 R.O.T.C. also makes efforts to strengthen the relationship between the military and students through seminars and visits to security areas.
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    GNUE Orchestra

  • The GNUE Orchestra was established to help its members to learn and give performances. It plays ceremonial music for GNUE's ceremonies which include the commencement ceremony, graduation ceremony, Teachers' Day Ceremony and others. It also holds an annual concert that allows all campus community members and neighbors to enjoy live music. Every summer vacation, the Orchestra travels around Korea where they perform for people in rural and remote areas. In addition, it takes part in various kinds of concerts related with elementary education in South Korea.

    Arts & Culture Education Center

  • The Arts & Culture Education Center operates all kinds of culture, art and education programs for international students and teachers from Korea and foreign countries.

    Museum of Education

  • The Museum of Education contributes to the development of cultural arts and studies by collecting, conserving, displaying, and studying historic and cultural material of Honam region’s education.
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    Gokseong Culture Education Center

  • The Gokseong Cultural and Educational Center was established in March, 2009 to support not only undergraduate and graduate students' extracurricular activities, but also provide elementary-school, middle-school, and high-school students with the opportunity to develop their desires for nature conservation and environmental protection.
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    Center for Assisting Inclusive Education

  • The Center for Assisting Inclusive Education aims to evaluate the needs of elementary school children and provide the appropriate care for those who have learning, behavior, or physical disabilities. The Center also provides parents with counseling and family-support services, and teachers with in-service education programs and educational counseling services. In addition, it conducts research, holds seminars, and publishes journals for inclusive education.
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