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Division Main Responsibilities
OFFICE OF ACADEMIC AFFAIRS Academic Affairs faculty and student number management, personnel management of faculty, faculty employment and reward and punishment, management of faculty dispatch and sabbaticals, foreign faculty management, faculty evaluation and compensation based on performance, faculty meeting and faculty-student committee management, university regulation revisions, and other affairs not covered by other teams within the office
Class/College Register curriculum organization and management, college register for students, degree and certification, curriculum and academic affairs management, part-time instructor management, school register management and complaints management
Admissions Officer setting and executing basic plans for admission process, oversee all work related to admission process, other affairs related to admissions
OFFICE OF STUDENT AFFAIRS student activity guidance and support, guidance on sports activity and various types of cultural activity, issuance of student ID cards, student reward and punishment, studying overseas and cultural expeditions, student military duty, selection of scholarship candidates and student loan recommendation, Student health care and welfare center, student union and welfare facilities maintenance, employment/career office, student volunteer work management
OFFICE OF GENERAL AFFAIRS General Affairs official compilations, official seal, regular employee, contract employee from school supporting association, administrative interns, contract worker, human resources and employee number management, employee evaluation (performance evaluation, multi-dimensional evaluation, work evaluation, etc.), reward and punishment (for regular employees and below), distress counseling, audit related work, fire-fighting and civil defense drills, employee professional training and educational training, management of laws regulations, guidelines, school regulations and internal regulations, government official asset registration, complaint response, employee work management, safety and security maintenance and opening of information, Records and Mail management, facilities and service (cleaning, guards) management, civil servant workplace association and labor union of school supporting association, parking and government vehicles management, faculty welfare (government employee pension, national pension and insurance and benefits) management, reserve forces management, other affairs not covered by other departments
Accounting budget planning for general accounting and school supporting association accounting, settlement of accounts, execution supervision, contracts, receipt of undergraduate and graduate school tuition, maintenance of government owned property and supplies, salary and withholding taxes
Facilities Management planning and execution of facility budget, facility development plan, construction(including land) negotiation and maintenance, facility construction planning, construction work, supervision, construction inspection, completion, defect management, energy conservation and planning, facility safety management, management of facility related statistics(budget, facility status), civil engineering and construction facility (facilities inside and outside building, retaining wall, stone walls and fences, etc.) management, machine equipment (air conditioning and heating, hygiene, gas lines, LPG, sewage, fire prevention etc.) management, electronic telecommunications systems(transformer room, electricity, communication, elevators, fire-fighting) management
OFFICE OF PLANNING establish general plans on GNUE’s overall development and academic affairs management, overall evaluation of the university, administrative system improvement, university advertising work, establish general plans for promotion of learning, academic conferences and international academic exchanges. support for domestic and international exchanges, foreign student support, educational reforms, teacher dispatches to elementary school and independent research center support, management of each professor’s individual research results, research assignment contest for each organization and application, university development fund(Academic Development & Scholarship Foundation) management, drawing and management of educational statistics, electronic newsletter publishing
FOUNDATION OF INDUSTRY-ACADEMIC COOPERATION Industry-University Collaboration accounting expense reports and execution management, management of external research funds and budget, indirect research cost and budget management, university enterprise accounting fund management, external research funds and research results, evaluation, statistical management, intellectual property rights (patents, etc.), other affairs and businesses necessary for accomplishing the goals of Industry-University Collaboration