History or Graduate School of Education

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  • March 1, 1996 Graduate School of Education was founded as part of the Revised Bill on National University Establishment Act (Presidential Decree No. 14922).
  • March 1, 1997 Five new master’s programs were approved (Ethics Education, Korean Education, Mathematics Education, Fine Art Education, English Education).
  • November 17, 1997 Four new master’s programs (Computer Education, Child Counseling Psychology, Education Administration, Special Education) were added.
  • November. 16, 1998 Two new master’s programs (Physical Education, Practical Skills and Environmental Education) were added.
  • November. 19, 1999 Two new master’s programs (Early Childhood Education, Child Counseling Psychology) were added.


  • March 1, 2002 Some program titles were changed (Elementary Education Methodology→Curriculum and Instruction; Elementary Education Administration → Elementary Education Administration and Policy).
  • November. 6, 2009 A new master’s program was added (Multicultural Education).
  • December. 8, 2010 Three new master’s programs were added (Children’s Literature Education. Culture and Arts Education, Planning Gifted Inventor Robot Education). Some program titles were changed (Practical Skills and Environment Education→ Life and Environment Skills Education; Child Counseling Psychology → Elementary School Counseling).