General Goals

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GNUE Goals

The curriculum of GNUE fosters the development of competent elementary school educators and prepares them to lead our youth in the 21st century. It is composed of the following general goals to realize open society and open education
  • 1) Instill a professional view of life and the teaching profession as an exemplary teacher.
  • 2) Develop skills and traits of an educator embracing open society and open education.
  • 3) Cultivate attitudes necessary to lead in the globalized, information era of the 21st century.
  • 4) Acquire professional knowledge and skills as an elementary school educator and work towards a well-rounded

Curriculum Principles

  • 1) Realize the characteristics of a teacher training establishment for training elementary school teachers.
  • 2) Realize a paradigm shift from objectivist education to constructionist education.
  • 3) Develop practical abilities and skills of a self-creating teacher in the 21st century based on strong nationalistic ideals.
  • 4) Help teachers practice individualized teaching in their respective schools through individualized learning in the
  • 5) Deepen professional knowledge on teaching and subject education.
  • 6) Strengthen extra-curricular activities and special aptitude education to be able to find and develop abilities and
        aptitudes in elementary students early.
  • 7) Combine theory and practice through strengthened class observation and teaching practicum modules.