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  • Juniperus Chinensis A kind of an Oriental arbor vitae with evergreen needle-shaped leaves, it grows on deep grounds on mountain bases or flatlands and is used for sculpture, furniture, incense and medicine. It grows in many areas within the GNUE campus including the lawn in front of the main building, thus making it suitable as a school tree. It symbolizes a high ideal, bright future and dreams of an excellent educator.
  • Rhododeneron Schiipenbachii A garden tree that’s sometimes used for sculpture, it takes up the largest proportion of campus greenery and is diverse in types. By May or June, rhododendron blossoms fill the campus and create a great view. It symbolizes a breeding ground for graceful and talented teachers with individual character.
  • Cattle Jeollanamdo has always been an agricultural province. One essential element in agriculture is the cow. Moreover, GNUE is located right in the heart of fertile grounds, thus the cow was chosen as a school mascot. Korean cattle are strong and adaptable, withstanding cold or heat. They are docile, but strong and useful in the fields. They make a suitable symbol of a Korean teacher that has strong educational beliefs and maturity.
  • Magpie The magpie has been known as an auspicious animal that brings good news with its cries. It’s a familiar bird of Koreans as it tends to live close to human settlements thus causing a movement to make it a national bird of Korea. The main gate of the university is shaped after this bird, which means that the future educators pass this gate with great joy to start working at their schools.
  • Yellow Green The green color symbolizes youth and prosperity, and yellow signifies hope and improvement. The combination of these two colors mean all kinds of hopes and harmony between hot and cold. GNUE’s location in Poonghyang-gol’s, very fertile area, is represented in this color of prosperity and hope.