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University Motto

Honestly seeking the truth.

University Goals

ducation Mission
Based on Korean educational philosophies, Gwangju National University of Education seeks to research profound academic theories and their practical applications needed for schools and communities and educate qualified elementary school teachers equipped with leadership and competent teaching skills.
Education Goals
  • 1. Develop a diligent attitude and basic capabilities needed as a wholesome contributing citizen of the democratic society.
  • 2. Cultivate a well-rounded personality of a true and upstanding teacher and acquire a sense of duty and pride as a steadfast
  • 3. Through meticulous and profound academic inquiry, establish an autonomous and creative attitude of a scholar.
  • 4. Train abilities as a competent teacher and acquire excellent teaching methodologies to achieve professionalism in
        elementary education.
  • 5. Establish an attitude of an educator with a strong sense of social service, noble character and leadership necessary in
        the globalized, information age.


  • Pursuing excellence in training teachers of tomorrow
  • Developing a university culture where staff and teachers share a sense of responsibility
  • Gathering and strengthening the abilitites of all university members
  • Promoting the welfare of students and staff
  • Constructing an education community in harmony with local communities